To the love of my life - Part 2

To the love of my life - Part 2 - by P.K. Odendaal - August 2017

At first it seemed right and my future was bright
But as time went by, I could not rely
On a love that was blind and I unable to find
Peace for my soul to make my life whole.

I was far too shy to give love a try
And she to find a friendship so kind
With a boy who knew less of a loving caress
Than a soul on the run just looking for fun.
So, I was eager to end what I did comprehend
Was trouble at last whilst I traveled so fast
Through life's domain of success and fame
That I cared less for a dream than for peaches and cream.

As so it ended in smoke and looked like a joke
Which no-one had heard and all thought absurd
Yet to me it was fine and almost sublime
As I went on to care or leave her somewhere. 
She left me six times for not saying her rhymes
And not telling her how smart she looked from the start
Little did she know when deserting her beau
That life would be bored without love's reward.

But the idea lingers that she slipped through my fingers
Much to my grief I would have you believe
Not for something I craved, but for how she behaved 
In the end it didn't matter that the friendship would shatter

For this, I now reflect, I was unable to act
And because of omission I deserved her rescission
To seal our love's fate which was dying of late.
And follow my desire to put out the fire.

Remember when you loose your wits on such ruse
There are no chances to make new advances
To a woman like this in a moment of bliss
And end up one day full of hate and dismay. 

Much better to stay out of her way
Than try to devise some act of surprise
And end in bad taste for a love that's gone waste
Drifting into night after a time out of sight

Yet for all I have done, be it trivial or fun
I had to endure much grief to make sure
That I never will scream when I wake from a dream
Or get in my path when I meet my next half.

Only to realize too late that it must be my fate
To carry that load for the rest of my road
And then finally die with a tear in my eye
And to put love aside as a general guide.

Let us face it today as we each go our way
That a love that has died will never abide 
And will never bring rest in our lifelong quest
Although it will rise at the smallest surprise.
When you thought it was dead but lives on instead

It is better to sell than remain in its spell
Better jump ship than remain in its grip
Far better to hide what you still feel inside
Than become so uncouth in those moments of truth

Written by me in the wee hours of night.

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