A few notes on discordant notes

A few notes on discordant notes – by P.K. Odendaal – July 2016

It struck me recently that what we say and do are really music that emanates from our bodies, tongues, souls, hearts, minds and spirit. If we think that we communicate only verbally, we make a big mistake. In fact, our communication from our sub-conscious mind and spirit into the meta-physical world is much more profound, simple and truthful than what comes from the subjective half-truths emanating from our mouths.
If you want to really know a person, listen to all these different things which he or she is unconscious of communicating, but which reveals the real he or she. Call it the music of the day or the music of the night, as the case may be, and listen carefully to its keys, chords, melody, harmony, intensity and volume. A person really reveals himself or herself minimally in the verbal sense, and each person must practice to hear himself or herself speak these words, and thereby get to know him or herself by the music which they emanate and can hear if they listen carefully.
It is thus not strange that composers of music use their music to reflect and speak their inner emotions like pain, grief, love and adoration. We also sing those songs which we identity with, and whether we speak or sing, it is music – call it a capella songs if you wish.
There is a video available of a physician who had an after death experience (ADE) when he fell from a balcony on his head and he was dead for about an hour before he was revived, and he related a story of how he entered and experienced Paradise or Heaven. The gist of which was that all plants in Paradise sang together a wonderful song of worshiping God in music by the well-known physical phenomenon called resonance. It took a minute vibration from each plant, but done in exact timing and harmony with other plants to produce audible sounds.
Likewise, if the sounds emanating from us, as I described above, are in harmony, then we will resonate on our own, and people will notice that we are in unity with ourselves, people around us and creation. However, such people are thinly sown.
In this article I wish to write about people who do not resonate due to the discordance in their lives. If we take the music analogy, some people may be more like the even tide where the spring and ebb tides cancel each other out and they are always the same and boring. Others are discordant and they sing in the minor chords, and not only the minor chords, but in F minor, B flat minor and some even in G flat minor, due to the many black notes emanating from them. We can call the latter people evil.
If we thus wish to get to know a person we must listen to the discordant music in their lives. This discordance is a natural manifestation of the discordance in their emotions where their body, mind and soul are at war with each other and send out conflicting signals. The number of conflicting signals, minor keys or black notes in their psyche is a measure of the neurotic stage or their denial of reality or their refuge from it. In that sense a person playing in E flat minor may already be a psychopath or even schizophrenic.
I was inspired to write this article by the simple experience many of us have every day – and in my case a specific lady friend who seemed to have honesty and integrity, but telling me white lies or near truths, which she knows is not the truth or the whole truth and nothing by the truth.
I cannot just stop here without an antidote or a medicine which is meaner than discordant people are. It is really psychoanalysis which can move people from a G flat minor to a C major – similar to the emotions and satisfaction you experience when you listen to Liszt or Chopin pieces when they resolve their minor chords into major chords. In this sense, getting people to speak out their minds and their pain can let them realize, as they hear their own words, they are delusional and that is already a big step towards being healed.

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