The Truth is not Politically correct

The Truth is Politically Incorrect – by P.K. Odendaal – January 2016

It is time someone stands up and expose these hypocritical and paranoid frauds.
To tell a liar that he lies or a moron that he is a moron is not politically correct. It is now expected of us to say that a jihadist self-bomber might have acted just a little bit kinder towards his victims. Maybe he should have put their execution to the vote and let them also participate in that vote. The two victims having democratic rights in the vote against the twenty jihadists who want to kill them. Now, that would be politically very correct indeed.

The problem is however not in our stars, but in ourselves dear Brutus. The phrase politically correct is, as you know, an oxymoron. For those who do not know what an oxymoron is, I will have you know that it comes from the generic word moron and oxymoron is just a sub strain of that and even more moronic.
To explain myself somewhat. Politics is a fiction genre, like science fiction and it encapsulates the following abridged list of preferential human activities: deceit, lies, false promises, power-hungry, covert, self-serving - and for a stick in the mud like me it is not correct or acceptable – in fact – it is quite horrible. It belongs more appropriately to a human activity called diplomacy - the art of sending someone to Hell in a manner that he or she looks forward to the journey. It is the same scourge which prevents us from inflicting bodily pain on our naughty, lovely and insubordinate children to make sure they end up in Hell. But correct it will never be.
It brings us back to the age old system of values called integrity, honesty and respect - things I call real values as opposed to today's superficial and false values. Somehow we are urged to believe the big lie, because the truth is too ghastly to contemplate and far too inconvenient. We have to hide it. 
Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing happened (Winston Churchill). That is because truth has a power very few people can handle.
The question we have to ask is: why do we have this predilection for the lie and deceit and this fear of the truth? Maybe reality is too unromantic and inconsiderate. Fairy tales will suit us much better. In fact, that is exactly the reason why we love these fairy tales. Just the thought of Tarzan swinging in the forest with Jane at his side is so exciting. Tarzan has no debt, shame or grief. How wonderful!
What are our ills of preference like alcoholism, drugs and neurosis other than our escape from this world with its truth and its realities? Coming to terms with our own infirmities is so provincial and just not cool enough.
I would have loved to live in the world of Tarzan, but even that is not in vogue today. It is too idealistic and full of life, whilst what we pursue is the emptiness of pseudo death and its narcissistic undertones. 
Will someone please wake us up to reality, to a road of self-purification, self-realization and self-development which lead us on to happiness and self- fulfilment? Just bear in mind that it will bring pain and suffering, because there is no such thing as a free lunch. I am not including the Godlike affliction which possesses people in the form of self-redemption. That is just not on. 
No, thanks. Lala land and politically correct is not for me. I am hooked on and even addicted to the power and possibilities of the truth and I will always call a spade a spade unless I stumble over one. Let other people utter these unsavoury words when they stumble over the truth -  those words which I utter when I stumble over a spade.

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