Our previous and next poem.

I have selected some poems here which I like most and I have presented them in parts not to overload the demand on your free time. The present one, namely Hunting of the Snark, excels in its clothes of nonsense because this humorous poem tells the tale of an impossible voyage for an improbable crew hunting an imaginary creature. It was very popular and rose from being read by only a few of my readers in the first fit to being read by almost all in the latest fit.

But on a deeper level you will find it is an allegory for the quest of happiness as Carroll himself once admitted. This quest for happiness is, as usual, also accompanied by the fears of doom and doom itself, because of the duality of life.

You might have noticed that there are ten personages involved having all their names being started with a B. Down deeper you will also meet the acrostic for one of Carrolls female child friends named Gertrude Chataway.

Our next poem, "The Ballad of Reading Goal" by Oscar Wilde, one of my all time favourites, will be exactly the opposite and will be an image of human suffering brought on by human hypocrisy - a malady we still suffer under today.

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