Thanks to all my readers

Thanks to all my readers - by P.K.Odendaal - May 2013.

I wish to thank all my readers for supporting my Blog, and for your comments and encouragement - I really appreciate that.
As you might have seen, I have tried to develop these articles and arguments without bias, giving both sides of the coin a fair hearing, and I mostly did not know what the outcome of the arguments were, until I finished the relevant article.
However, I write all my articles from a Christian viewpoint, as I am a committed Christian. That is all that I am not prepared to change, having had a personal meeting with Jesus Christ - all the other viewpoints are 'no holds barred' arguments.
If I see a coin, I am not very interested at looking at the figure on the coin. The figure on the hidden counter side of the coin interests me much more.
I write mainly for therapeutic purposes, having been brought up along strictly conventional lines - a thing I have come to be skeptic about - and of course to try and find out what 'Stuff reality is made of' - and your encouragement makes the journey such fun.
I never could have imagined that people far and wide would read this Blog.
My readers come from the following countries in order of clicks registered from high to low (for the past month):

South Africa
United Kingdom

The growth in reader statistics also give an impression way beyond my own competence:

If you like my articles, please share them and comment on them. I do not for one moment think that my arguments are flawless, and so your contribution will greatly enhance the quality of these articles.

Thank you.

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