Creating a blog - Part 1

Creating a blog - Part 1 - by P.K.Odendaal - February 2015

So we have come to publish our own blog. It is not strange, because in five years' time everybody will have a blog. And why is that? Self expression. The baby boomers grew up in a time when almost nobody wanted or could express themselves. However, the new generation (only) want to express themselves.

The first requirement for self expression is that you must think before you speak and the second is that you must be perfectly honest - with yourself and with your readers. To be politically correct must be the lowest item on your priority list. Politically correct means lying in order not to offend anyone - and that you cannot maintain by being thoughtful and being honest.

There are three main avenues for the creation of your blog.

Blogger by Google which is a software program which enables you to just type and publish after you have set up your site with one of their templates. However, you must have a Google account or profile to do that. I am using a Blogger template, but it is very rigid and not easily customizable. Blogger has many bugs and workarounds, but if you have the time and inclination, which you must have to start blogging, then you can overcome that impediment. You do not need your own domain name for this, as Blogger creates one for you free of charge. In blogger you can just type like a wysiwyg style or you can write in HTML. Just typing or using HTML here is somewhat counter productive as Blogger bloats the text with unnecessary HTML code. I type my articles in Word and then just copy it to Blogger, and even that has some impediments and difficult formatting issues. Eighty per cent of my readers say that my blog loads superfast - so we are happy with that.

The other similar one is Wordpress. I have tried it long ago, but did not like it and I have heard of similar bugs and workarounds from people who use it. I am however not an expert on this. It is a download, so maybe you have more opportunity to customize it than Blogger.

The third one is developing your own website and getting your own domain name. For this you need to be able to program websites or at least have a working knowledge of HTML which is very easy. The big problem here is to keep your blog or website up to date as it is not easily updated with navigation links and formatted text.

So for our exercise I am afraid it is going to be Blogger.

I will assume that by this time you have already jumped up halfway through this article to make a Google profile and you remember the user name and password, which can be a very big obstacle, because the old days of using the same old short password over and over again are gone.

We have to think of a name of our blog. I think is the most easy and confusing one - so we will use it. However, the name was not available so we have to be content with - it is up and running - you can view it. The Header name of our blog can be something different and I was thinking of 'I was thinking ... a dangerous pastime I know'.

If you open my blog link you will find a link on the top right which says 'Create a blog' ... yes .. that is how easy it is. But more of this next time.

Spam ... if you use word verification with Blogger then you should not get any spam.