Psychoanalysis - Part 3 - The Commitment.

Psychoanalysis - Part 3 - The Commitment

by P.K.Odendaal

Are we ready to start ? It does not seem so. I need at least two people to commit themselves to actively walk with me on the Road Less Travelled. They should preferably walk on their own road to find their baggage and shred it, but if they wish to walk on my road, it is also fine - they should just say so (in the comments).
I am talking loosely of commitment as a concept we all know, and although we know the concept, we do not how, where and when to commit. In my own life and all around me, I see us committing to the wrong thing in the wrong way on the wrong time - and this is the cause of us picking up baggage - the wrong baggage - baggage with the wrong etiquette on - belonging to someone else. On this baggage carousel we sometimes see baggage that looks like our own, but we do not check the etiquette to see whether it might not belong to someone else and sometimes we carelessly leave ours on the carousel.

I also spoke of losing our baggage in Part 1, but we first need to have baggage to lose it - so we will first try and find it, being tucked away nicely, safely and securely in the vaults of our subconscious mind. But the vaults are there - they have cryptic inventories as to what is inside, and their keys are being held in our conscious mind - we just need to compare the list in our conscious mind with the key numbers.
How can I know it is there ? I need to repeat from Part 1.

These things are dead giveaways that we have a subconscious problem :
·    we are afraid or scared of something
·    we do not like something or even hate it
·    we feel inner pain when we hear or see something
·    we lose our temper when something happens
·    we blame someone for an unfortunate incident
·    we suffer from some mania - a Greek word meaning madness - as expected 

These are mainly linked to failed interpersonal relationships and unpleasant incidents causing emotional wounds.
The four items I chose, I tried to choose as examples of these to inspire you do delve deeper and find your own.

So, let's see whether you can commit and find that list where yours are written on - and list them here - if you dare.
I cannot proceed without enough interest in this subject, which would be a pity as it is the number one cause of pain in our lives. We want to be free from them - but it will cost pain and sometimes grief to become liberated : no pain - no gain.