Psychoanalysis - Part 2 - The Deal

Psychoanalysis - Part 2 - The Deal

by P.K.Odendaal - 29 August 2011.

Yes, we would like to get rid of our baggage and travel lightly, but this is not a cure for all that we can buy over a shelf. This is only a practical way of dealing with your baggage for people who have dealt with their normal life routine and have a desire to deal with their baggage now. In this blog I will show you how to deal with that, using my own baggage as an example. If you have baggage which you wish to deal with here, you are also welcome to do so in the comment section.
As I have said previously, if you find it difficult to deal with your everyday life in that you cannot take decisions or mostly take the wrong decisions, you should first address these before you move on to dealing with your baggage.
If you are screwed up (sorry - not meant as an insult) - go and see a shrink  - I am not one.

So this is the deal.

I will start off by making a list of my baggage / issues / idiosyncrasies and discuss how I dealt with or am dealing with some of them, so that you can get an idea of which process you should follow to deal with yours.

I will also give an apportunity to anyone who reads this, to list their issues and allow them to publicly follow the procedure I recommend to deal with it.
I will deal with these issues in a practical and scientific way, but also with the Christian lifestyle and philosophy as basis as I am a committed Christian and I do not think these issues can be resolved without that aspect.
I am not a psychiatrist - nor wish to be one, but my belief is that we can, by ourselves, move from the conscious to the subconscious and vice versa with a little bit of guidance.

Who would like to join me on this Road less Travelled.
Make yourself known in the comments and remember : this is for committed people - or are you going to stand on the sidelines while your baggage shows you the way to the baggage claim where there will be more than enough to claim to make your path heavy. Or do you think that the trolley of modern superficiality will spare you the weight ?