Psychoanalysis - Part 1 - Losing all your baggage

Psychoanalysis ala myself - Part 1 - Losing all your baggage
P.K.Odendaal 23 August 2011.

This blog is meant for people who wish to get rid of their baggage and who have already dealt successfully with their normal life duties.
It is not for people who cannot help themselves in their daily interactions with their circumstances or relationships with other people, and who constantly take the wrong life decisions or must take counsel on every life issue. As long as you are unable to deal with these life decisions, you will be totally inept in dealing with your emotional and subconscious issues - so goodbye for now - see you later when you have dealt with those and have come to grips with dealing with uncertainty, conflict, your minority complex and human relationships.

Note added 10 February 2014.

I am not sure why this article all of a sudden became popular again, as it has been slumbering for more than two years. However, I will give it the attention it deserves now that it has become popular again.

The issue is very simple if we map it in the IT domain.

In some spiritual and emotional sense we are computers with a hard drive, read only memory, random access memory and lots of used and unused storage space - and of course ports which let information into us.

We surf the web (gather information) and the ports receiving this information (senses) send it to various peripherals we have (memory, knowledge, brain, emotion, sub-conscious), and if it cannot find a suitable peripheral it will store it in our hard drive (sub-consciousness) or registry (brain).

Some of the information we gather (viruses) are bad for us and damage some part within us. So we need an anti-virus program to clean us up.

This anti-virus program is our ability to dig deep into our registry or hard drive(sub-conscious mind) to find harmful viruses and eradicate them. This is psychoanalysis.

 We will move from the physical domain as an example and apply those methods and solutions to the metaphysical world of the mind, soul and spirit. I will use a few of my own hangups to work through as an example of how these problems are to be dealt with. You might also contribute with your own stories, so that we can learn from each other as well.

Like in the physical world, a problem will just not vanish with time, if we do not deal with it, and so it is also in the metaphysical world - each problem must be dealt with. And if you have been successful in dealing with your physical life problems, then you should be able to deal with these more emotional problems. All that is needed to start dealing with it, is to become aware of the problem and then to apply some rational analysis to it.

The Freudian principle (the father of psychoanalysis) is that every person has a very small conscious mind and a very large subconscious mind. Unpleasant experiences are moved unconciously by the conscious mind into the unconcious mind and our task will be to move these experiences back into the conscious mind to deal with them.
The basic tenets of psychoanalysis include the following:

·    human behavior and thinking are largely determined by irrational drives;    These things are dead giveaways that we have a subconscious problem :
  1. we are afraid of something
  2. we do not like something
  3. we feel inner pain when we hear or see something
  4. we lose our temper when something happens
  5. we blame someone for an unfortunate incident
  6. we suffer from some mania - a Greek word meaning madness

·    those drives are largely not conscious; they have been moved into our subconscious mind by our own constant inability to deal with them and then burying our head in the sand - ignoring their existence.

·    attempt to bring those drives into awareness meets resistance in many different forms; we do not wish to repeat the pain this experience has caused in our lives.

·    beside the inherited constitution of personality, one's development is determined by events in early childhood; Because we can better deal with them now that we are mature, the most unpleasant experiences comes from our childhood when we were totally inept in dealing with them

·    conflicts between conscious view of reality and unconscious (repressed) material can result in mental disturbances such as neurosis, neurotic traits, anxiety, depression etc.; every conflict in our life is being handled by our conscious mind in a way which will cause the least pain - and the solution will mostly be to pitch up a defense against a recurrence of such an experience, which in turn creates all sorts of artificial boundaries which changes our personality for the worse.

·    the liberation from the effects of the unconscious material is achieved through bringing this material into the consciousness via guidance. Only when we are aware of the cause and effect of each, can we start to deal with it.

So - if you are eager to deal with these, you might find relief in these blogs. In short we want to lose all our baggage as we wish to travel lightly, unlike some world travellers.
We are in effect soul travellers.