Liberty,Equality and Fraternity - how many people died for your pipe dream?

I do not want to talk too much about Liberty and Fraternity, as I am reluctant to talk about something which does not exist, and millions of people have already died for this dream - just to think about it already gives me the jitters. To think that human beings believe in such a pipe dream is scary to me. I see all around me millions of lives going to waste because of unliberty and unfraternity in the name of liberty and fraternity.
However, I know what equality means, as any first grader can tell you - it simply is =.

But the real scary part of this, is that it is applied to things or people who are not =. We know that even in the French Revolution (the birthplace of this creed) most people were more equal than other people, and it ended in all people being unequal, Robespierre ending up as the only equal person - and equality died with him on the guillotine.

So why is this notion so strong, when we all know it does not exist from a human point of view. In fact - its existence in the mathematical or axiomatic world of 1+1=2, is already under suspicion.

The creed of humanism, democracy, liberalism, communism and socialism is that all people were created equal and have equal rights. Oh, what a wonderful idea !!!!
If I look at at my fingerprint however, I find that I am the only one in the universe with that fingerprint, and the only one of 6 billion people on this planet with this fingerprint. So how can their fingerprints be equal to mine.

Or which part of equal do I not understand.

I do not know whether it is applicable to tests, that unrighteous institution of mankind - to test the IQ or knowledge of people. Why should it be tested when they are all equal?
I will have to give up my incorrect interpretation of molecular biology and realise that the DNA of all people are equal.

All job interviews must immediately be stopped - how can you discriminate between equal people.
Well, I have never seen two people who were equal, so even the concept came as a surprise to me. Everywhere you will see people knowing more or less than you do, looking more beautiful or ugly as you do, have more or less money than you do, is larger or smaller than you are, is more or less clever than you are, have a more or less introverted or extroverted attitude than you have, feels stronger or less strong than you about moral, humanistic or political issues, believes in a completely different set of values or religion, gets cross for other reasons than you do and is inspired by other stimuli than that which inspires you.

So how can we deal with such discrepencies in equality, where the equality becomes nil and the discrepency all.
To make it a bit easier to comprehend : Let's say all people were equal. Now if we have 10 people with differing intelligences (IQ), we need to take the total and divide it by the number of people, and that would leave five of them quite worse off. So it seems to me that the only people who would like to be equal, are those who are less than equal.

If one ponders it for a while one will come to the realisation that unequaltiy is really what makes the world go round and equality is what stifles development. This world is so rich and varied because it is acted upon by such rich and varied elements - be that people or inanimate things.

If we want to be equal, we will need to degenerate into a type of lifeless world where there is no initiative, no incentive, no ambition and no competition - what a dreary life that would be. None of us will need to work as we all have an equal right to eat and to live. We will all pay the same taxes, regardless of what we have or earn. Wouldn't that be nice !!!

In fact - one even get the phenomenon of protection and artificial unequalness, where certain people are protected from other people, like the police and army, minority and even majority rights, different tax allocations. All to make us more equal.
Maybe you think we should be all equal before the law. I have never seen the law treating two individuals equally. There is always one or other argument, law, circumstance, prejudice, lie, deception or motivation which will make you get a different outcome than a similar equal person.

Are the resources of this earth shared equally by all. If that which is easy to share is already not shared equally, what chance do we have to share our equality between ourselves?

The notion of democracy is that more than half of the people are right more than half of the time in more than half of the issues. That gives you a satisfaction rate of less than 12.5%. It could have reached an optimum of over 80% if people were treated more unequally, for the benefit of all - even for the person who voted against it to his own detriment, not understanding the consequences of his ignorance and issues really involved, as is specially prevalent in populistic and coercive societies.

To quote from Jefferson : If a Nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.
I have travelled the world, and I have seen poverty and squalor, opulence and freedom, bondage and abundance, highly developed societies and intellectuals.

Those I met from the more favourable species, were all because of their inequality, and those from the less favourable species were all from their innequality. They were only equal in their squalor, slavery and ignorance and in the hopelessness of their situation.